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Host a Dowite Program

It is the CC 2012’s pleasure to announce “Host a Dowite Program”. With the continuous devaluation of Pakistani rupees against the dollar, many young physicians are having difficulties to either travel abroad or to find reasonable accommodation for their residency interview process.

We as dowites should help these young physicians at least during their travel within USA. Many dowites have helped provide accommodation to the young physicians but in a sporadic fashion. DOGANA has decided to organize this ef-fort and channelize it properly. This program is for the benefit of the young physicians who will need accommodation in different cities during their interview process.

We want to welcome all the dowites who are willing to host these dowites at their residence or at least arrange for their accommodation in their respective cities for a few days during the interview process. The data collected during the Summer Meeting will be compiled and provided to a CC representative or Committee who/which will be responsible to organ-ze the logistic for the young doctors.

Send email to info@dogana.org