Election 2017 2017-11-23T23:51:47+00:00

DOGANA Election 2017 Results

DOGANA Election and Nomination Committee is pleased to announce the results of Election 2017.

President Elect 2018:
Mamoona Shaikh, MD

General Secretory:
Irfan Aslam, MD

Mansoor Mohiuddin, MD

Councilor Eastern Zone:
Omer Farooq Rahman, MD

Councilor Central Zone:
Zaki Moin, MD

Councilor Mountain Zone:
Masood Hashmi, MD

Councilor Pacific Zone:
Bina Kamdar, MD

Councilor At large:
Saeed Sabir, MD
Naushad Noorani, MD
Adil Ahmed, MD

Councilor Canada:
Shahid Hussain, MD

Congratulation to the newly elected office bearers of DOGANA Executive Council and Central Council.

Election and Nomination Committee 2017
Danish Saeed, MD – Chair
Mansoor Mehdi, MD
Tanveer Imam, MD