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DOGANA Election 2016 Results

Election and Nomination Committee DOGANA 2016 is pleased to announce the results of DOGANA Election 2016

We like to congratulate following successful candidates for this year’s elections:
Secretary: Mamoona Shaikh-Ahmad, MD
Treasurer: Irfan Islam, MD
Councilor Canada: Naushad Noorani, MD
Councilor Pacific Zone: Aamir Jamal, MD
Councilor Mountain Zone: Mashood Qadri, MD
Councilor Central Zone: Shahnila Latif, MD
Councilor East Zone: Mansoor Mohiuddin, MD
Councilor at Large: Deeba Sayed, MD
Councilor at Large: Vacant

The nomination at vacant councilor at Large seat was received. His nomination which duly seconded and candidate accepted his nomination but failed to submit signed election code of conduct and required fee. So he was disqualified and seat is declared vacant.

I would like to thank members of Election and Nomination Committee for their advice and help during election process.

M. Azim Qureshi, MD
Chair, Election and Nomination Committee 2016

Kazi Salahuddin, MD. Chair Board of Trustee
Talha Siddiqui, MD Executive Director DOGANA